The UFO conference held the weekend of July 27-29 in McCloud brought about 200 people from around the world to hear 10 speakers talk about extra-terrestrials, living on other planets and contacts with space aliens who strive to make Earth a more compassionate place.

Robert Potter, coordinator for the “From Venus With Love” conference, was dressed all in white as he spoke about how his life’s journey started with an interest in pyramids in high school and, later, his contacts with space aliens and their extra-terrestrial teachings.

He and others spoke about their “time together for the purpose of true spiriting of brotherhood; the same message as Christ.”

Potter said, “Until we stop wars and negativity, they (ETs) are staying at a distance. Civilization rises and falls with human destruction. They are willing to work with us to heal our planet. If they use their technology to clean up our pollution we would just pollute it again. They are guiding us towards abundance and prosperity and free energy. So many things would change if we welcome and embrace their offer of help.”

He said, “Small groups and individuals, such as our speakers, are reaching out to be contacted. It is very positive, no fear. With so much information on the internet, people understand the movement and where it is going. With communication, education and following God’s laws, we can live a long time. We believe in the science of being: Communication to connect with God. A healthy and balanced life with sleep, meditation and mental development. Financial service, to contribute to society. Socializing, communicate with others and not living alone.”

Potter said his first contact was in 1952 with Orthon, Lady Orda and how Venusians look like us physically so not to be intrusive. They look to be about 22 to 29 years old but they are in actuality over 200 years.”

He said they previously used the Methodist Church in Redding for the conference but outgrew it. He said he loves the Dance Country building in McCloud and the friendly people and good energy in the town.

Potter’s website is:

Other speakers had a similar message: space aliens don’t use violence. They are here to interject themselves in a positive way. “Light, love and life.”

Omnec Onec, author of three a Venusian trilogy that has been translated into different languages and distributed throughout the world, said during her talk, “The most important thing that people on Earth have to learn is to replace criticism and judgement with love and acceptance.”

Onec claims to be an “ambassadress from Venus, bringer of love.” She tells the audience, “As I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a young child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information that I gathered as a Soul through many incarnations and life times.”

Her message is: don’t focus on negative thoughts; keep only positive thoughts.

Onec has a project called A Place to Live in Harmony with the Universe. To find out more, go to She can also be contacted at

Tatiana Irvin with Waking up with Solutionary TV with Dr. Tatiana, chats with speaker Dr. Raymond Keller, who has a M.A. in Latin American Literature and a Ph.D. in African History. Dr. Keller has lived and worked in 44 different countries. He is now retired at age 64, and he tells of his outer space contacts with what he calls “angels” in his award-winning Venus Rising book series. He has been on Irvin’s shows which can be viewed on You Tube.

“I am sure we've encountered ETs from time to time,” Keller said. “They are working clandestinely to aid in spiritual advancement of all human kind.”

Keller and Irvin talk about different planets in detail: Venus, Clarion, Belaton. They talk about many other planets in our solar system that we cannot see because they are on another arterial plane.

“Bifurcation of time and space coexist. The universe has a funny way of bringing people together,” said Keller. “Human evolution is what we are experiencing. Humanity will either evolve or we are going to move towards a human DNA highjack. We are on the precipice of a new societal age with our esoteric philosophy. We don’t want anybody to give up their religion or join a cult but to live up to the highest precipice or philosophic truth. We need to start to believe in ourselves or our world can face an apocalypse.”

Irvin says that her last TV show with Dr. Keller will explain his time travels.

Articles written by Dr. Keller can be found at or

Filmmaker Lucas Jatoba from Bolivia produces higher consciousness films. He filmed the UFO conference. His web site is