McCloud is now providing its own refuse pick up for the community after a contract with Clemens Waste Removal expired in June.

McCloud is now providing its own refuse pick up for the community after a contract with Clemens Waste Removal expired in June.

“They wanted to raise rates in the past but didn’t,” said McCloud Community Services District General Manager Kevin Dalton. “We felt we can provide the same level of service without raising the rates.”

The District purchased two garbage trucks, a side loader and a rear loader, which arrived three weeks apart. With these trucks there will be a lot less physical exertion on employees than in the old days.

The rear loader handles dumpsters and has two cart tippers for residential use. The side loader has an automated arm for residential and only needs one operator.

“Our last General Manager, Kimberly Paul, did a lot of research,” said Amos McAbier. “This sat on the Public Works committee for 3 years.”

Paul found the town can manage the refuse pick up with no rate increase for seven years.

Along with the new trucks, two new employees were hired full time to perform waste pickup service.

“I am enjoying driving the truck,” said Jerry Glynn, who was hired as the Refuse Operator. “I like busy work. I am getting to know people. I get to stay local.”

Glynn’s many years experience driving a snow plow will make it safer picking up refuse in the winter. He said he has been shaving off the time it takes him to pick up the trash each week.

Richie Fesler has been hired to fill the position of Utility Worker. He has 16 years experience in public works with the city of San Rafael.

Glynn’s and Fesler’s jobs will cross over when needed.

“I want to thank Clemens for their years of great service,” said Dalton.

Like Clemens, the McCloud Community Services District will be picking up residential trash on Mondays. They ask residents to have their trash out by 7 a.m. Monday mornings. Commercial trash pickup is on Tuesdays and Fridays. To prevent damage, they request residents place their cans three feet away from vehicles or structures. Extra refuse tags need to be purchased at the District office for $2.50 and placed on the bag to be picked up.

Green waste should be brought to the Green Waste Disposal Facility on Squaw Valley Road across from the golf course near the waste water collection ponds.

Dalton said the District is considering breaking up the refuse collections into two half days to free up the employees. This would also assure more consistent pickup times and the possibility of expansion of the refuse services.