After five years as Principal-Superintendent of Dunsmuir Elementary School, Helen Herd has retired and passed leadership of the school to longtime DES teacher Susan Keeler.

Keeler has taught at DES for 35 years, most of those with fifth through eighth graders, as well as four years in the primary grades. As the school’s long-time athletic director, she has worked with virtually all ages in the school.

DES trustee Will Newman says Keeler is not only highly respected in the school community, she is also an active community volunteer including being a member and past-president of the Rotary Club of Dunsmuir. And “she is a dedicated and productive volunteer and organizer with Mountain Runners,” according to Newman.

During her five years tenure as Principal-Superintendent of Dunsmuir Elementary School, Herd “worked hard and successfully to turn DES into a school dedicated to teaching the whole child,” Newman wrote in a press release. “In addition to instituting many educational innovations, she also sought and received support from the school board of trustees to radically increase out-of-classroom educational opportunities for DES students.”

Members of the DES Board of Trustees express their great appreciation for Herd’s efforts. They also are enthusiastic about Keeler’s leadership capabilities and academic and administrative skills. As stated in the release, “They chose her as the new principal-superintendent for those skills as well as for her extensive experience in the classroom and the high regard with which is held by peers, parents and students.”

For more information about the educational opportunities available at Dunsmuir Elementary School, contact the school at (530) 235-4828.