A car stolen in Mt. Shasta was used early Friday morning to drive into the Chevron Gas Station on Highway 89 in McCloud and steal the ATM.

A chase involving deputies of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office ensued, and the suspect eventually ran into the forest and eluded capture, according to Sheriff Jon Lopey.

Chevron station Operations Manager Jared Warren said the ATM machine had no money in it and had not been filled since Tuesday.

Sheriff Lopey said it was about 1:25 a.m. when Mt. Shasta Police Department Officer Moore “responded to a stolen GMC Yukon with a small blue trailer.”

He said Deputies John Zook and Jon Erickson checked the area at 202 hours.

A Chevron employee and Deputy Zook saw on video at the station that a vehicle had crashed through the glass front doors, knocking over and taking the ATM machine.

As described by Lopey, Deputy Erickson spotted the vehicle on Highway 89 and it did not yield. “A chase ensued with speeds up to 80 miles per hour. They turned on the Ski Park Highway and down Old McCloud Avenue before stopping and continuing on foot, bailing into the local forest. Weed PD responded with their K-9 but were unable to apprehend the suspect.”

Sheriff Lopey said the sole suspect in the car theft and ATM robbery “was familiar with the area” and was wearing an animal mask, gloves, a black shirt and blue jeans.

“Good aggressive team work by the departments,” Lopey said. “We are positive forensic will ID the suspect with the evidence he left behind in the vehicle.”

The stolen Yukon has major front end damage, according to Lopey.

Jared Warren said the Chevron in McCloud has to stay open “to accommodate the firefighters who are based here in McCloud and since I-5 has been closed and traffic is being rerouted this way, we are the only service station in the area.”

Anyone with information or knowing the identification of the suspect is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office 24 hour dispatch at 530-841-2900.