Interstate 5 in the area of the Delta Fire is being opened for limited travel as of Saturday, according to a joint release from the Mount Shasta Redding area California Highway Patrol, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the US Forest Service.

The closure from Mott Road (exit 734) to Fawndale Road (exit 689) has been updated to a “soft closure” with some travel allowed for residents, business owners and employees of businesses in the communities of Lakehead and Dunsmuir.

“Hard closures” have been established for northbound I-5 at Riverview Drive (exit 704) and southbound I-5 at Flume Creek Road (exit 720).

As stated in the release:

“The Delta Fire is zero percent contained and still poses a very real threat to citizens and Interstate 5. Each day fires resurface along the interstate making it unsafe for vehicular travel which necessitates its continued closure. In the interest of public safety two hard closures have been established: 1) Northbound Interstate 5 at Riverview Drive; 2) Southbound Interstate 5 at Flume Creek Road. Only emergency vehicles, utility company staff repairing critical infrastructure, and timber land employees assisting with fire mitigation efforts will be allowed through the hard closures.

Soft Closure Information

“In order to limit the number of citizens near areas under an advisory and/or mandatory evacuation, or in close proximity to the fire, two soft closures have been established which effect the communities of Lakehead and Dunsmuir: 1) Northbound Interstate 5 at Fawndale Road; 2) Southbound Interstate 5 at Mott Road. For this fire, determination of who is allowed through the soft closures rests with the Sheriff's office having jurisdiction over the evacuated areas within their respective counties. As such, only local residents with a valid identification card listing the town/city as their residence or whom possess other documentation which conveys residency (power/utility bill, lease/rental agreement, etc.), business owners who possess a physical business establishment within the town/city, and employees of the aforementioned businesses will be allowed through the soft closures.

a) Business owners will be required to provide proof of ownership and the physical address of the company.

b) Business owners requesting their employees be allowed through the closure must provide an emailed list of names to

*** Due to the public safety threat posed by the Delta Fire, visitors and tourists will not be granted access through the soft closures to these communities.***

We want you to know that we are all working collaboratively and expediently to ensure public safety and to restore services and roadways as fast as possible. Thank you for your support California.”