The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum invites the public to a Whing Golf tournament fundraising event at the Mount Shasta Resort golf course on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 2 p.m.

Participants can play nine holes of Whing Golf and enjoy food and beverages on the Resort deck afterwards. Funds raised will help in the operation of the museum, which is run entirely by volunteers.

Mt. Shasta Museum Association Vice-President John Fryer, one of the event planners and the inventor of Whing Golf, is encouraging participation in the tournament.

“I have been on the museum’s board of directors since 2012,” Fryer states in a press release. “During those years, I have seen what an important resource the museum is for the community. I have also seen how hard our volunteers work. Everything you see in the museum comes from thirty-nine years of donations, fundraisers, some grants, plus expertise and time from our many volunteers.

“The museum’s board of directors wants to ensure the museum’s ability to provide exciting exhibits, presentations, and opportunities for learning for our community for the foreseeable future. We want to see Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum continue to grow and thrive, and this requires more stable funding. We have a new Endowment Fund Committee composed of members from the board of directors.

“This Whing Golf tournament fundraiser will help build this endowment fund. We plan to use the interest from the Endowment to hire additional assistance for the museum’s operations. We all have a common goal to support here, our museum,” said Fryer.

Fryer said his goal in creating Whing Golf was “to show some of the more accessible and fun qualities of golf courses. Many people enjoy being out on the greens, the exercise, and the challenges of the sport. I wanted to combine all of that with a simpler way to play. Whing Golf is a new game that enables any player to enjoy a golf course in a different, fun way. Instead of needing lots of clubs and other equipment to play, all you need is a Whinger, a putter, and a golf ball. You use the Whinger to throw the golf ball down the course and putt on the greens. In the tournament on Sunday, September 23, we will be playing ‘best ball,’ which makes it competitive and enjoyable for all teams.”

Entry fee is $60 per person; or $220 for a four-person team.

Sign up by Sept. 16 either by contacting Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum at 926-5508 or; or by going to the museum’s website at and make reservation by using PayPal.

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is located at 1 North Old Stage Road in Mount Shasta and is open daily through September.