Access to the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta will be relocated starting Monday, Sept. 24, when the hospital begins its 3,000 square foot Emergency Room Expansion Project.

Joyce Zwanziger, Director of Ancillary Services, states in a press release: “Due to the construction zone and patient safety it requires us to redirect walk-in emergency room patients to access the department by utilizing the front entrance to the hospital.”

Ambulance traffic will have a separate at the back of the hospital during construction.

Mercy says it has added safety features, “including an emergency phone and camera system to both the end of the front entrance canopy under the portico and at the front door of the hospital. Wheelchairs will be available next to the red emergency phones. Additional staff are also in place to provide assistance to any patient requiring help in getting from their car to the Emergency Department.”

The project is doubling the size of the emergency department and, “more importantly,” according to Zwanziger, will provide increased patient privacy and security.

Phase one of the project includes excavation of the new site, pouring the foundation and the initial buildup of the additional space. Phase one is expected to take approximately six months with project completion at 18 months.

“This is an exciting project for Mercy Mt. Shasta and one we have been planning for the last several years,” states Zwanziger.