The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents of vulnerabilities associated with living in a rural area following the arrest of a McCloud man for felony burglary and grand theft.

The Sheriff’s Office reported in a news release that Mr. Boulder Creek, age 47, was arrested as the result of a search warrant operation on Oct. 15, 2018, at a home on Mt. Shasta Way, McCloud, in the Mt. Shasta Forest Subdivision.

Stolen property recovered at the home was worth approximately $8,035, according to the Sheriff’s Office, and included a 1981 Honda motorcycle, 1982 Honda motorcycle, 1972 Honda motorcycle, a Stihl chainsaw, Honda generator, Ryobi wood splitter, hand truck, wooden hand cart, multi-meter, drill with charger, hand tools, and a “Welcome” sign.

“This is a good opportunity to remind citizens that rural areas can be vulnerable to burglaries and thefts,” Lieutenant Jeremiah LaRue states in the release. “Always secure the doors and windows in your residence and lock vehicles and all other structures on your property, even if you are present. Consider the use of cameras, fencing, lighting, and burglary alarm systems to protect your property. Sometimes an alert and barking dog is a good deterrent to criminal activity.”

According to Sheriff Jon Lopey, “This search warrant operation was successful and I am pleased the vast majority of the stolen property taken from the victim was recovered. The good investigative work conducted in this case, follow-up by the involved deputies and the work of the Major Crimes Unit and Special Response Team led to a major arrest, recovery of valuable stolen property, and this investigation was solved and the search warrant operation was conducted without anyone getting hurt.”

Lopey said the property owner was also instrumental because the burglaries and thefts were reported and evidence preserved helped the Sheriff’s Office identify a principal suspect.

The search warrant operation, according to the release, was initiated after Deputy Josh Abel investigated a burglary and theft that occurred in the same area of Mt. Shasta Forest subdivision on Oct. 12. A home had been burglarized but evidence suggested another burglary and theft occurred two weeks earlier, on Sept. 28, according to the release. “A neighbor later saw the suspect allegedly operating a motorcycle in the subdivision that appeared to be one of the vehicles stolen from the burglary victim’s home.”

Deputy Sam Kubowitz assisted with the investigation, and the Sheriff’s Office said the “search warrant was developed and later authorized by the Siskiyou County Superior Court to focus the investigative effort on the suspect identified as an investigative person of interest in the case and his nearby home.

“The major items identified as stolen from the burglary victim were recovered in Mr. Creek’s residence. Later, the owner positively identified the property recovered as the stolen items taken from the burglary and theft perpetrated against her and her family.”

To help protect your property, Lieutenant LaRue suggests that residents “notify reliable neighbors to watch your property while you are away and contact SCSO or your local law enforcement agency and notify them if you will be away for extended periods so extra patrols can be employed in your neighborhood. Report suspicious activity to SCSO or your local agency. Ensure your valuables are photographed and/or video-taped, and keep a secure list of serial numbers and detailed descriptions for costly items, especially vehicles, firearms, equipment, tools and other valuables. Ensure a distinguishing number that can be identified later is applied to valuables that do not contain a serial number. SCSO or your local law enforcement agency can help you mark your valuables if you need assistance in this regard. Always be vigilant and do not hesitate to contact SCSO or your local law enforcement agency if you detect any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood.”

LaRue states that the case is still under investigation, and the Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information to contact its 24-hour Dispatch Center at 530-841-2900.