The election Tuesday resulted in a shakeup in the composition of the Indian Wells Valley Water District Board. Incumbents Peter Brown and Chuck Griffin were voted out in favor of newcomers Stan Rajtora and David Saint-Amand. Brown was also the representative of the water district to the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority.

The numbers stacked up as follows: Rajtora was the top vote-getter, with 27.57 percent, or 3,527 votes. Saint-Amand was close behind with 27.18 percent or 3,476 votes. Griffin got 25.20 percent or 3,223 votes and Brown 20.05 percent or 2,565 votes. Data is according to unofficial final results as of Nov. 7.

The Daily Independent reached out to the newly elected board members to see what their plans are once they join the board. Rajtora declined to comment. 

Saint-Amand responded that his first priority as a member of the IWV Water District Board will be to “dive into the effort to identify additional sources of water from within the Indian Wells Valley.” He added, “I am also very interested in the possibility of forming an agreement to substitute the use of brackish water for the potable water now being used at the chemical plants in Trona.”

See upcoming editions of the Daily Independent for more on the IWV Water District Board, and the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority.