Mark Klever will also continue as the COS Yreka Campus Director, a position he held on an interim basis for the past 18 months

After serving as College of the Siskiyous’ interim Yreka Campus Director for 18 months, Mark Klever has been hired as Dean of Career and Technical Education and Yreka Center Director.

COS Superintendent/President Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker said the search to fill the position was “highly competitive, and I had the privilege of interviewing three well-qualified finalists over the past several weeks. Mark rose as the top selection in the search. Congratulations to Mark for being our successful candidate, and a special thanks from me to Dennis Roberts, COS Athletic Director and Associate Dean of CTE, who chaired the Dean’s search committee this fall, as well as for serving in his additional leadership role with CTE programs for the interim period.”

Klever, as detailed in a press release from the college, spent more than 20 years at Cal Poly State University, where he earned both a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business Management and a Master’s degree in Agriculture. He also supervised the operation of Cal Poly’s 6,000 acre farm and practiced the “learn by doing” concept of teaching students in agriculture-related Career and Technical fields.

Klever and his family moved to Siskiyou County in January 2011 when he took over the role as President and General Manager of Belcampo Farms. During his time with Belcampo, Klever “received first-hand experience of operating a major business within Siskiyou County, and transitioned the ‘learn by doing’ theories into practice from the world of education to the world of business,” according to the release.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives in this County,” Klever states in the release. “Today, more than ever before, our communities need skill building and degree opportunities to improve their employment choices to help support workforce needs and be a positive stimulus in our rural region of California. I’m up for the challenge and look forward to my new role.”   

Schoonmaker says that Klever “has brought a passion to our College from his past experiences, and is now looking forward to his new expanded leadership role. The future of the College’s CTE programs are vital to the long-term success and sustainability of not only College of the Siskiyous, but also the economic vitality of the County and the Far North Region. As the College President, I am looking forward to working with Mark to fortify our existing CTE programs’ successes, and strategically offer revised and/or new CTE programs that are being identified by the communities we serve as relevant and critical to everyone’s long-term success.”

As the college sees it, “One of the top priorities for the foreseeable future will be in creating these ‘win-win-win’ situations for business and industry, the College, and – most importantly – in preparing a workforce today to provide a catalyst for economic development today AND tomorrow for communities throughout Siskiyou County and the North State.”