A 1924 photograph of Babe Ruth at the Dunsmuir ball park is up for auction in the Lelands Winter 2019 Classic Auction that runs through Feb. 1.

Bidding for the photo titled, “1924 Babe Ruth Barnstorming Tour Stop in Dunsmuir,” started at $1,500 and rose to $13,434 on Jan. 11, which is where it remained as of Jan. 23 with about nine days remaining in the auction.

Described as a “real photo postcard,” the image shows Babe Ruth in the left hand batter’s box holding a bat in front of a catcher and umpire and the grandstands filled with spectators.

The photo, according to Lelands, originally came from Mr. Albert Souhrada, and the winning bidder will also receive a photo postcard of Souhrada, whose face in the crowd behind Babe Ruth is circled on the photo.

The auction webpage is: https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90497

The Babe Ruth photo is one of many sports memorabilia items in the Lelands auction, which features a New York Yankees uniform worn by Joe Dimaggio in 1950-51 and a Bobby Orr 1966 Topps rookie hockey card that is described in a Lelands press release as “the world’s most valuable hockey card.”

For more information about the auction and Lelands, check out the website at: https://lelands.com/

Ruth’s visit to Dunsmuir is commemorated on a plaque set in stone at the entrance to the Dunsmuir ball park, which is located on Dunsmuir Ave. next to the Dunsmuir Community Center and adjacent to Interstate 5.

The plaque, created by the Dunsmuir Centennial Committee and dedicated in June, 1986, reads, “Baseball legend ‘Babe’ Ruth and his New York Yankee team mate Bob Meusel played in an exhibition game with local teams here October 22, 1924”.

A smaller plaque above it reads, “Told to Reva Coon by her husband “Bone’s” Coon”.

The Dunsmuir City Council in February 2017 approved a resolution designating the City Baseball Field as a local historical landmark.

The following “Lot Description” is included on the Lelands auction page for the Babe Ruth photo:

“Look at this! Do you see it? I mean do you really see it? Yeeees, there you go. Yes, it is magnificent. Previously unknown real photo postcard of the 1924 Babe Ruth & Bob Meusel Barnstorming Tour stop in lovely Dunsmuir, California on October 22, 1924. Captivating image was taken from beside the pitcher's mound showing a young Babe Ruth posing with bat at the ready with his touring partner Bob Meusel on the side of the dugout. Looking closer you can see that everything in the world stopped for the movement there in Dunsmuir as local photographer Paul J. Standard (name is printed on verso) takes this amazing photograph. So much so that the entire crowd in the stands behind them is staring intently at the camera as if posed for a family photo or an official photograph. There is an ethereal quality to this, somber in tone, hushed, as if they aware they are making history. As if they knew they would be written about at this very moment and in this way. The contrast is perfect; the detail is pinpoint. There is something truly special about this rare and delightful California baseball image. The piece even has provenance as it comes with a portrait real photo postcard of the attendee, Mr. Albert Souhrada, who this came from originally. He has even circled his face in green, a symbol of the pride he has for just being there. Ironically, if not for that circle that makes this piece even more special it would have graded far higher than its SGC 2. No matter. A cropped version of this image was the cover of a book on Babe Ruth published within the last 20 years whose title escapes us. The mayor of the town even declared a “half-holiday”, a tribute to how special it was that the two Yankee city folk were coming to their town. On the display in the National Baseball Hall of Fame is a cardboard poster advertising this very game. This is better.”