Weed High School chose its 2019 Carnival Queen and King, and Prince and Princess before the start of the varsity girls game with Etna on Friday night.

Seniors Heidi Marie Ristuccia and Danny Lee Formhals were voted King and Queen, and sophomores Maya Ristuccia and Kyto Chanthavisouk were named Prince and Princess.

Four senior couples vied for the title of King and Queen, including Julie Ann Marie Gonzales and Austin Thomas Michael Starling, Manvir Sandhu and Kai Peterson, Pricila Marie Jaimes Rivera and Brendan Till Neville, and winners Heidi Ristuccia and Danny Formhals.

Besides sophomores Maya Ristuccia and Kyto Chanthavisouk, other Prince-Princess candidates were freshmen Bailee Mathes and Tommy Pineda, and juniors Neva Owen and Christopher Anthony Dahmen.

All the couples filled out a questionnaire to reveal something of themselves and answered questions such as “If you could have any superpower” or “If you could trade places with anyone.”

Their answers were read to the crowd as each couple was introduced. The questions seemed designed to get cute or zany replies, but some of the responses showed the young folks wise or empathic beyond their years.

Julie Gonzales said, “I would trade places with my mom so she didn’t have to be in pain all the time.” And Brendan Neville offered to trade places with “my aunt so she’s not in pain anymore.”

Tommy Pineda wouldn’t trade places with anyone. “I love my life and the people I’m surrounded by,” he replied.

Asked which celebrity he would like to marry, Austin Starling said, “I would rather marry someone that I love, not someone that’s popular.”

Most thanked parents, siblings, friends, and coaches. King Danny Formhals added a shout-out to his cat Chloe.