Butteville Elementary School in Edgewood reported 1,491 acts of kindness were recorded in grades K-6 during a “wonderful” Kindness Week.

“We re-certified as a Kind School!” announced teacher Lauren Miller.

She said a positive quotation was read over the loudspeaker each day of Kindness Week, and they decorated their fence with red cups spelling “Kindness counts.”

Seventh and eighth graders had an essay contest, and the winner was Mekenzie Charlton, who wrote the following response to the question, “What is kindness?”

“The Assumption of Kindness”

By Mekenzie Charlton

“Kindness is not a belief, it is not an opinion, it is an instinct. It should be, at least. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to make someone smile. Make someone laugh. Help someone. Carry their books to class. Catch someone’s coffee mug before it falls off a table! I am not saying that you shouldn’t do something big, because sometimes big is necessary. But sometimes you have to start small.”

Lauren Miller said all 205 Butteville students and staff decorated a heart to create a giant art project together.