This letter is not “against parks.” It is about “affordable housing,” which is disappearing in Mount Shasta.

Measure P is coming on the ballot again asking the citizens of Mt. Shasta City to vote on a parcel tax, which will add $75 per improved parcel and $40 per un-improved parcel amounting to approximately $300,000 annually and would continue for 25 years bringing in $7,500,000.

On the face of it, we all like parks and most of us enjoy and appreciate them, however, many property owners have had their fill of absorbing the assessments tacked onto their property tax bill and they will be passing those costs to their tenants.

Measure V, if passed, will be absorbed by the renters/occupants of some properties, thus pushing up the rental rates in our city even more.

If you are a renter ask yourself if you are willing to pay $75 more per year/$6.25 per month in your rent for this measure.

No longer can we expect that property owners will keep picking up the tab.

Beverly Shannon

Mount Shasta