On Monday, March 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the Upper Lodge at City Park, the Mount Shasta City Council will make an important decision that will impact Mount Shasta residents, workers and visitors for decades to come. The Planning Commission, after a year of work, had a public hearing about this in January. Over 240 Mount Shasta residents showed up to voice and show their support. The majority spoke in favor of maintaining the 600-foot buffer zone or greater - around all day care centers and schools and they asked for no more new cannabis licenses. One of the Commissioners counted close to 180 letters and said that 80% of the letters that were written to the planning commission were against the buffer reduction and against any increases in licenses. A petition with more than 140 signatures was presented requesting that the City, which already made 27 licenses available, stop issuing any cannabis/marijuana business licenses or permits, or zoning changes and variances.

The local cannabis businesses are asking us to support the expansion of their businesses over the needs of children and other residents, businesses and future visitors who come here for fresh pure air and are not used to the odors of pot users and cannabis operations in their states and countries. Please send your views to the Mount Shasta City Council by sending an email to kwilson@mtshastaca.gov who will forward your email to the entire city council. It has to be in Friday to get into the agenda packet although letters sent after that will be forwarded to the council members. We hope that Mount Shasta residents will speak up at the March 11th meeting. Check this website for exact dates in case there is a change: www.mountshastacommunity.org

Aron Bruser

Mount Shasta