Really? Genocide? Rape? Suicide? The time has come for us, as sovereign citizens of the United States, to take responsibility for the abuses of power committed in our “name.” For too long, “economic pirates” have seized our nation’s resources (including the psyche of the young) for private gain and profit. Unconscionable acts, including ethnic cleansing and rape, have impoverished the soul of the American society. The power abuses and usurpation of today are not worthy of any citizen’s loyalty.

Visible in cities across our nation are the inhumane conditions of extreme wealth in the midst of extreme poverty. Taking much more than you need to live while others suffer from the lack of even the basic necessities is evil. When inappropriate behavior is cultivated in the market place with false narratives, then we are living in a hellish environment. Living without dignity is not only morally wrong but unsustainable in our “new world” republic. The constitution, the people’s contract with public servants promises life without prejudice, injustice, or retaliation. Unfortunately, corporate-owned media ignores those guarantees while cultivating pre-colonial attitudes and beliefs. Without education to balance the nefarious, economic interests, the soul of our nation remains at-risk.

The integrity of our nation is measured directly by our actions and indirectly by our intentions. Only an inclusive world-view is worthy of our loyalty. From the subjective arrogance of throwing shade in public spaces, to the parasitic notions of who lives and dies, it is our human right, our civic duty to stand-up to abusive power. Each of us is born with infinite potential to cultivate power with truth and beauty. We are sacred vessels, home to the Divine masculine/feminine from within. It is time to awake from the “sea of forgetfulness” and use our soul power with unconditional love and human kindness.

Gloria Cooper

Mount Shasta