There’s nothing that builds community happiness like great parks and sports fields being used and enjoyed.

MSRPD does a wonderful job of maintaining beautiful grounds, fields and courts, rinks, community buildings and sports programs for our kids. But there just isn't enough in their budget to pay for the backlog of needed repairs and replacement on aging facilities.

Imagine how much better our parks will become when we have the funding needed to repair and renovate things! Measure V raises this money with a reasonable property assessment (which is the only legal way the Park District can be supported by the community). Measure V says exactly what its funds can be used for...a specific list of infrastructure repairs and improvements. Measure V creates a citizen advisory committee to make sure that the funds are only spent on these projects. Measure V allows seniors 65+ to get a full lifetime exemption for their primary residence.

Measure V will have long lasting positive impact on park safety and community use. Imagine spacious roadways and convenient parking areas. Imagine quiet modern heating systems and well insulated buildings. New spaces for community programs, classes, sports and gatherings. A real sewer hookup instead of a failing, 100-year-old septic system adjacent to Headwaters Spring. Secondary access roads for fires and emergency. All this and much more will be possible with Measure V.

In the end, it comes down to our community responsibility. We want nice things in our town and we as citizens step up to support nice things. If you want safe parks, solid buildings for public events and good sports fields for the kids, vote yes on Measure V on the March 26 special election.

Kim Solga; Volunteer on “Friends of the Parks Mt. Shasta Yes on Measure V Committee”

Mount Shasta