Well, it finally came to be. We received our first bill from Pacific Power with the $20 increase to read our analog meter. Am I to believe they were not charging to read the meters before this? If anything, those who went to the “Smart Meter” should have a reduction in their bill and ours should stay the same.

The CPUC once again represents the utilities, not the public. What did they base their decision of a $20 charge? Our monthly bill averaged $70, now it is $90. So that means 22% of our bill is to have them read our meter. We are a rural community, but couldn’t other solutions be found: Read meters every other month.

Hey! I’ll call in the reading and won’t even charge Pac Power $20. Charge an average monthly fee and check the amount used at the end of the year and adjust accordingly.

There are many solutions besides charging an excessive fee for something they were already doing.

I have a brain tumor, I don’t need more risk factors, so we chose to continue with an analog meter. We are worried about our children and grandchildren being exposed to EMFs.

This fee is a punishment, plain and simple, for those of us who don’t rely on the power companies’ “research” that the EMF transmission from these meters is safe. Over 200 peer reviewed studies and experts in the field clearly find it is not safe, especially for children. To me, it is basically extortion.

Kathleen Casey

Mount Shasta