Ms. Shannon’s letter of last week described the impacts the proposed Measure V park improvement parcel tax might have on rental costs. The information she provided is misleading.

It is true that the Measure V tax will be $75 per developed parcel, per year, or $6.25 per month. However, not every renter would face a $6.25 rent increase, as she claims. For instance, a renter in a four unit apartment could realistically expect an increase of just $1.56 per month, not $6.25. For larger rental complexes, the amount would be even less.

If a landlord chooses to pass on the increased cost to a single dwelling tenant, the increase should be only $6.25 per month. The parcel tax would really have a small effect on housing costs.

Connecting the Park District Parcel Tax to a lack of affordable rentals is a red herring.

Some in our community own multiple properties as investments. In addition, a significant portion of the properties in our area are owned by investors who live outside of Siskiyou County. They both purchase property here because it is a beautiful, vibrant community with easy access to outdoor recreation. Our children can access a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities.A healthy park system is part of that experience.

Updating our parks for safety and functionality will increase the value of their investments. Nothing is free. We should all step up and take responsibility for the health and well being of our parks and our community.

Please vote YES on Measure V.

Nancy Van Susteren

Mount Shasta