I was appalled to read Brian Dahle’s statement against the $15 minimum wage, revealing his colossal ignorance about how wages are determined in our economic system. According to the Mt Shasta Herald, Dahle said that workers should have more experience if they want to be paid that kind of wage. Does he think that large corporations pay according to experience? People can work for years for such organizations and still earn way less than $15 per hour.

Families cannot be supported on low wages, and end up turning to government support for help--paid for by taxpayers. In other words, we are subsidizing these large corporations through our tax dollars because they do not pay their workers a living wage.

The minimum wage set by the government is meant to require businesses to pay a decent wage to their workers, which many businesses would not otherwise pay. Our current minimum wage ($12/hr in California for employers of more than 25 people) is an improvement, but still too low. Everyone who works should be paid enough to live on, and $12 simply isn’t enough in today’s economy.

Dahle’s statement demonstrates that he lacks sufficient understanding and experience to serve as a State Senator. Please vote for someone with more knowledge, compassion, and sense of fairness who will support all workers in California.

Jim and Molly Brown

Mount Shasta