Parks are part of the heart and soul of a community. They reflect the spirit of a city. The parks in Mount Shasta are seriously underfunded and in need of major infrastructure improvements. The buildings in the City Park are nearly 100 years old and desperately need of maintenance. The septic system is on the brink of failure and could force closure of the whole park.

Over the past 45 years, public funding for our parks has not kept up with inflation. District revenue, volunteer efforts, fundraising and grant awards have sustained our parks beautifully, but current income cannot provided enough funding for the much-needed repairs, nor can it build new facilities. It will cost about 5 million dollars to make these critical improvements.

Measure V is a modest $40 to $75 annual parcel tax that will be used to provide much needed repairs and improvements to our community’s parks. There is now a senior (65 and above) exemption available for our fixed income seniors who might find this assessment a strain on their budget. If you want a City with Parks that are clean, safe and a great attraction for residents and visitors, please vote YES on V in the Mach 26 special election. See for more information.

The Parks District is larger than the City limits so many of us outside the city limits proper will be able to vote on this measure. Check your ballot. Please urge your friends and neighbors to vote too and share on your favorite social media.

Bill Hillman

Mount Shasta