When I was first approached about how to raise funds for the maintenence of our parks and the idea of an additional sales tax or property tax was brought up, I was totally against it. More sales taxes to drive shoppers to Oregon or more property taxes, don’t we pay enough already? But then I talked to my son who lives in Bend, Oregon, where his property taxes are outrageous. He explained that if you want to live in a nice community with good facilities, you need to invest in it.

We who live in the Mt. Shasta area are fortunate to have one of the nicest array of parks in the north state. Most of us and our kids have used our parks many, many times, as have thousands of others from outside our area. The parks have been a great asset to our community and have been enjoyed by visitors from all over the world, but we have come to a crossroad in that they are getting old and run down, some almost 100 years old, and there is not enough money to maintain them as they should be kept.

On the ballot March 26 is Measure V, a property assessment of $75/developed parcel – this is less than $7 a month – and $40/undeveloped parcel that will go to do the much needed upgrades these parks so badly need. If you are 65 or older you may opt out of paying this tax on your principal residence. If you decide you want to opt out we still need your yes vote to get this measure passed.

Invest in our great community, vote YES on Measure V. We need your vote. For more information, check out friendsoftheparksmtshasta.org.

John E. Kennedy, Sr.

Mount Shasta