Please vote YES on Measure V.

I was very surprised to see that two respected members of our real estate community have written letters to this newspaper in opposition to Measure V.

Seems to me realtors would understand the importance of well-maintained parks and community services as they relate to property values.

The passage of Measure V will provide a stable source of funds to restore the 100-year old buildings in our City Park, enhance park security and lighting, repair existing playing fields, and improve critical infrastructure such as the sewer system, roads, parking and trails. It will cost $75.00 per year ...that is about $6.00 per month ... a good cup of coffee at Seven Sons.

Affordable Housing is important to our community and our city officials need to seriously address the need.

However, Measure V is a completely separate issue. The choice is ours. Support the parks tax or kick the can down the road one more time.

Vote YES on Measure V on March 26.

Susie Boyd

Mount Shasta