There is no doubt our parks and sports fields are beautiful and maintained well by MSRPD. We love the events held here and the community which we all strive to be proud of. We are not against the parks. We are strongly opposed to the term, extensive wish list, bundling and proposed method to resolve the financial demand.

Our opposition to Measure V is multi- level and once again, would be funded by homeowners and parcel owners to exclusively accept another special tax funding the fixes and revenue shortfalls.

Our opinion/opposition to this parcel tax includes:

It is fiscally incorrect to manage the city’s infrastructure by an exclusive tax that burdens homeowners and landowners.

The term is excessively too long and so are the repairs, expansions, and new projects.

The scope is far too broad and bundles far too many projects that we just don’t support and are not critical. Pickleball, disc frisbee, nice to have but not critical and not revenue generators.

If passed, our concern that parcel taxes will be the new standard to achieve infrastructure funding...with new taxes possibly being introduced every few years therefore affordability, as it is now, remains a primary concern for families and new potential business owners to afford housing here.

Those of us who are well under 65, retired and on a fixed income and are home and land owners will still be affected by this Measure.

Let’s think outside the box on how we might fairly, and equitably solve the issues contained in Measure V. Possible solutions might be fundraising to pursue Grant money with matching funds. Create revenue by charging admission to summer concert goers. Daily park fees or annual park passes. We need new revenue, not new taxes.

Let’s act collectively and fairly.

Melisa Knapp-Johansson

Mount Shast