March is my month to feel hopeful. Right now I’m needing hope. My health has been so challenging! Winter will be over before we know it. Yes, I’m mighty glad of that! Time changed Sunday, and when we were in Redding on Saturday you could see the signs of spring. The green world of grass and emerging plants are here. Spring arrives on the March 20th and ends June 20th. It’s exciting. I love when the daylight lengthens and the world warms up. The ground is getting warmer because new shots are appearing. I like those signs. I’m sure I’ve told you I love spring, especially the latter part! I like planting new plants, breathing the fresh clean air, and watching our beautiful mountain.

Spring is a hopeful time. I looked at my flowerpots and need to buy some new ones. I bought some bulbs at Costco Saturday. I may have to put in some more bulbs if the ground gets soft. This time of year is the time for new beginnings. New plants begin to grow. New plans emerge in our minds. We begin to see what lies ahead for the coming spring, summer, and fall. It is a hopeful time for looking ahead! I’m craving hope.

Spring, to me, is in the teaching business. It teaches me how to have hope and know things change. I have to have faith my health will change, too. If we are observant, nature gives us lectures in basic philosophy. All the elements are there, spring after spring. All we have to do is supply the words and attend to their meaning. Nature guides us, if we let it.

New beginnings and a continuity of life exist in spring. If we look for meaning, we find it. By the simple fact of being alive, we are participating in the process. We are part of the vast community of life existing on this earth.

If we become aware of the wonder of spring, we become more conscious of the inevitability it demonstrates each year. Its beauty, we humans interpret, shows us the basic order of life itself. Out of winter’s sleep, come the patterns of growth, change, and order. It is achievement in the making.

Humans change. We grow older and hopefully wiser. Each year of our life is different than the previous. We have to think about being like a rose, blooming gracefully, growing stronger, having heavier roots, gaining knowledge, and. changing with age. We’re all on individual paths, fulfilling our lives.

So this is why I look to spring. It is my favorite time of year. I think of new beginnings for my life and new hope for great things to come. Spring is eternally hopeful, eternally new, and a season for new directions and ideas.

Now, spring is my season to plan what my deck will look like this summer. March and April is a planning period. I want the deck filled with delicate blooms and fragrances to delight my eyes and my senses. It has to be beautiful to calms my soul, brings me peace, and makes me feel delighted! Each time I look out my window and wander out to the deck to see the plants grow. The healing feeling comes to me when I see beauty.

I want to think of myself going through the transformation spring displays. I’m a growing piece of the eternal universe in transition. It’s time for change. We humans can grow intellectually, spiritually, and physically. We humans are in the process of spring, digging deeper within ourselves to find our nature, our true selves. Life is exciting, isn’t it? Spring reminds every day is a new beginning.

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