I would like to voice a strong word for voting yes on Measure V. One of the things which drew me to Mt. Shasta (we moved here in July from Florida) was its wonderful parks. My little nephews love visiting the parks and I have always loved the old buildings from the 1920s. Being a geriatrician, I love all things old.

But in visiting family who live here for 30 years, I have seen the gradual deterioration of the buildings and roads in the parks. They need repairs! And, of course, the sewer issue is paramount.

Just a word of correction of the letter writer’s assertion that pickleball is not income generating. I recently returned from a driving trip to Texas. I planned my drive specifically to find towns that had pickleball. Using an app (Places2Play) I found courts and planned stop-overs that had places to play. I ate meals there, used motel rooms, and about half the time payed fees. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and over 1.6 million people play.

RVers plan their stops at parks that have pickleball. Cities with tournaments bring in 80 to 2500 people to play – all of whom spend money in the towns. Shasta Resort has said they frequently get calls regarding lodging and pickleball.

Mt. Shasta needs its parks revitalized and having pickleball as part of the plan is just plain good business.

Ken Brummel-Smith, MD

Mount Shasta