There are only two pharmacies in our little town of Mt. Shasta. Yet there are already three cannabis medical marijuana dispensaries. And there are many more cannabis/marijuana business licenses sold and more available. But that is not enough.

There is such a zeal by our officials to rapidly make Mt. Shasta the “model cannabis city for the entire United States” as one city official proudly stated, that they have voted to lower the state recommended buffer of 600 feet around schools to 450 feet so that they can make many more properties available for cannabis related businesses. Wow! What a legacy for our charming little town! Forget the idyllic haven for safely raising a family. Forget tourism. Forget our clean air and world’s purest water title. Forget the world-renowned sacred mountain that towers magnificently over it and draws many awestruck visitors every year.

Remember the recent bumper sticker, “Don’t cell out Mt. Shasta?” Our city officials are selling us out to a substance that deadens the minds and brains of those who use it. We will become the “gateway” into the cannabis world, which, of course, is the gateway into even harder, more devastating drugs.

What will it be like 10 years from now to walk down our streets at night, and even in the daytime.

And oh! Want more money for parks? Great! = More hangouts for the druggies! Wake up now, my fellow citizens! Mt. Shasta is about to change – big time. You can still stop this insanity. Call, write or email city hall. Make yourself heard at the next council meeting April 8. Preserve our fair city for future generations. Say no to reducing buffers and no to more licenses. Yes to a one year moratorium.

Michael Huffman

Mount Shasta