Everybody loves our parks. No one would disagree that parks are an important part of any community. However, Measure V is proposing a new tax on all houses and parcels in the recreation district to the tune of $8,000,000 dollars with a vague accounting of how these funds will be used; on projects of questionable value.

A substantial part of these funds will be to compensate for deferred maintenance. Where was the maintenance budget for the past 30 years? The measure provides for construction of a road through sensitive wetlands for the safety of park goers yet I know of no life threatening situations in the last forty years that would make such a road necessary.

Another expensive item is $1,000,000 for sewer hookups.

Where did this exorbitant figure come from? I would like to see the competitive bids for this project. Have alternatives been considered?

Improvements to park lighting are also an expensive item. Do we need more light pollution?

Another question is who is going to monitor these funds? Who will appoint the committee to oversee the money?

Who does this measure benefit? Typically parks are used by younger families: a demographic that has decreased rapidly over the past 15 years as evidenced by the local school district that has shrunken by more than 50%.

Our community has suffered an economic down turn in recent years as evidenced by the empty storefronts on Mt Shasta Blvd. Can we really afford another tax on the community at this time?

We asked these questions about Measure P which was defeated and now it’s back on the ballot and still no answers.

This measure is too vague in its details. It needs more study and more community involvement to explore alternatives.

Vote no on Measure V.

Deborah and Richard McDowell

Mount Shasta