Spring is here and Mount Shasta is ablaze in qualmish swathes of bilious looking neon greenish-yellow trees. Some firs are even a sickly looking reddish-brown.

The forest flora of Shasta is dying, folks, and rapidly. Walking lake Siskiyou reveals trees with deep vertical burns to their trunks, always on the south west side, and spot die offs of hearty natives such as Manzanita.

I recently drove north to Yreka and saw more of the same and added to that were some oak trees so dead and fried, their

limbs had split and fallen off, as if in a lightning strike. The tops of many of the bigger tress look thinned and spectral, as they die from the top down. The scene out there is shocking, folks.

So, since this had not made front page news yet, (in and of itself shocking), I called the local US Forest Service to inquire what might be the cause of such ailment, only to hear the same stupid story: drought, bark beetle and overcrowding. I know none of these issues cause deep vertical scars through the cambium layer of trees. So I did a little of my own research. What I discovered was high levels of UVB and even UVC solar radiation are now hitting the ground on planet Earth. This, in combination with aluminum salts in the soil, is what is killing our trees.

Decades of chemtrails and weather modification programs have destroyed our ozone layer and poisoned our water and soil. I must state the obvious here; if the trees die, we die. Our government is more corrupt than your wildest dreams could ever imagine. Ask questions, demand answers, while you still can.

For more information check out GeoengineeringWatch.org.

Shannon Noorzad

Mount Shasta