The McCloud Services District board held their second March meeting on Monday the 25th. Discussions were brief and the meeting was short.

The second and final reading of proposed changes to Policy 2280, Employment Entrance Program was approved. The word “medical” was omitted from the original title.

The first reading of proposed changes to Policy 2150, Use of District Vehicles, Facilities and Equipment, was approved.

During public comment at the end of the meeting, the public may comment on issues that do not appear on the agenda. One issue, the ongoing bear problem from people leaving their trash cans out a day early was addressed in poem form:

What do I hear at night, that sound is in the alley

It is the night before trash day, the bears are having a rally

People don't think, they've done it again,

Their trash is all over, this won't ever end.

They are training the bears, and encouraging them to come

And play in their trash, they are worse than a bum

People make up excuses and do it again

Next week in the alley, their trash is up-end.

The speaker who read the poem requested not to be named.