April showers bring ... May flowers! Hurrah! We were down in Redding headed to Anderson and what a rainstorm occurred. The rain came down in torrents. I loved how the cloud burst dumped buckets, then stopped and cleared up. I know our summer will be beautiful. The earth has to have moisture. It loves water. Flowers love water. All those dormant roots love water. We want a beautiful summer with sweet peas growing all about Mt. Shasta, wouldn’t you agree? Rain brings flowers this time of year. I love seeing daffodils pop out of the ground and grow on the off ramp as you come into Mt. Shasta.

My lovely niece Emmy sent me a picture of the flowers she grew. She is like my mom, her own mother, and her aunt. We all love to grow things, especially flowers. All of our ancestors loved the land. It is in our blood. Growing things gives me joy.

Yes, those April showers have arrived a little early, haven’t they? We needed this necessary moisture. Our beautiful mountain needed some snow pack. I love the wet snow because I know it won’t stay around a long time. It is so amazing.

This week on Monday, I sat at the window and watched falling snowflakes. I couldn’t believe how those giant flakes were falling in all directions. Some times it looked as though they were chasing each other. You could just tell they were heavy with moisture.

Yes, I know, we don’t want this weather, but it brings just what the earth needs. And yes, spring arrived on March 20. Maybe it feels like our desired season hasn’t arrived, but the moisture in the storms give us tell-tale signs spring is here.

Grass begins to grow greener. You know, grass is simplistic itself. The grass needs neither bee nor butterfly to pollinate it. Just the wind does this miracle job. Even grass roots are simple. Thank goodness for the grass and trees. They clarify the air we breathe and restore oxygen in the air. Chlorophyll is a magic potion we need to regenerate the earth with oxygen. Our city parks and open grassy spaces aren’t just pleasant spaces, but literally breathing spaces.

Now I realize why I loved roaming in the meadow on our ranch when I was a child. I loved looking at the buttercups and tulles in the ditches, smelling the fresh air, and laying on the meadow grass to look up at the blue sky. I remember thinking how beautiful the world is!

Grass can grow as tall as bamboo, generous as corn, or other grains, and lush like cool bluegrass. Sometimes it is a weed, a green hillside, a lawn, a hayfield, or a thousand-acre wheat field. It greens the earth again in spring making the world all different, wouldn’t you agree?

Grass is the most humble, but most insistent and assured. Whenever you don’t want grass in a flowerbed, there it will appear. Did you know there are about 5,000 species of grass? Some grasses grow in hot tropical areas, while other grasses grow in Arctic wastelands. Some grasses survive in long droughts.

The freshness of April brings the green world back to us; reminding us life itself has begun again. Robins are coming home. Plowing in the field bring blackbirds. Early morning we hear the songbird to wake us. The song of geese flying in V formation overhead tells us spring arrived.

So is it housecleaning time? Is it time to empty out the unnecessary clutter from those closets? Get rid of those cobwebs and brighten the house with the elements of spring.

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