I’m writing to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to suggest ways we can help locally to lessen the harm. Domestic violence is a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by anyone against a family member or intimate partner. It includes physical and sexual violence, threats, and emotional abuse. Frequency and severity can vary dramatically, and remain hidden by guilt, shame, and cover stories. 

Domestic violence impacts women, children, and men, and cuts across all age, race, and socio-economic sectors. In California 32.9% of women and 27.3% of men experience intimate partner domestic violence. In the North State percentages are estimated to be even higher, especially among teens.

Nationally, the Violence Against Women Act, enacted in 1994, received bi-partisan support throughout many reauthorizations. VAWA funded improved criminal justice response, community based protection and prevention activities, and child education, prevention and mental health treatment services. But this landmark legislation expired during the recent government shutdown, and funding has been removed from Trump’s proposed budget.

Which brings me to what we can do –support the Siskiyou Domestic Violence & Crisis Center in Yreka. Founded in 1984, it’s our county’s primary resource for services from hotline response to emergency care/protection, social services support, and prevention education throughout the county. While the SDVCC feels the impact of the loss of VAWA funds, it continues to operate funded by California Office of Emergency Services and private donors.

So I hope many will join in supporting SDVCC by attending an open house April 24 (National Denim Day!), at 118 Ranch Lane, Yreka, from 11-2pm. And June 22 the SDVCC will hold their 10 th  annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser at the Weed Golf Course. Sponsors are needed. You can find more information at SDVCC.org or by calling (530- 842-6629).

Abigail Van Alyn Booraem