It has been brought to my attention that the leader of our country has come up with a clever plan to keep aliens out of the U.S.A. I’ve heard that he proposes having a wall build along our border with Mexico and that he will even somehow get the Mexican people to build or erect it.

After hearing all this, I did some research into recent history, to ascertain if there had been an unusual amount of sightings or landings of UFOs in the Mexican countryside. So far, I’ve found nothing to endorse this belief. If our esteemed leader wants to keep aliens out of our country than perhaps he should build a wall around our planet!

If he were to approach some of the other world leaders with this proposal, he might just ge some assistance from them and save us U.S. citizens the cost of an extraordinary amount of tax dollars to fund this project, which will probably be declared as a necessity for “Homeland Security.” Or we could just ask E.T. to phone home and ask them not to visit us without an invitation.

Troy Donahue

Mount Shasta