Marijuana Mecca? This is Mount Shasta isn’t it? We are known all over the country and world for our beautiful outdoor activities and spiritual quality. I doubt that Sunset or Via magazines would promote Mt. Shasta as a cannabis destination, as they have as a tourist attraction in their past issues.

Apparently, Jefferson Soul purchased the property on Ream Ave. with the awareness that they were violating a state mandated buffer zone for schools and day care facilities. My question is, does Mt. Shasta City want to set aside the laws meant for the safety and protection of our children to accommodate a cannabis business? Will Jefferson Soul expect more special considerations in the future for their cannabis operations? We have 24 licenses already in place, isn’t that enough until we see the effect here?

We as a community need to look at what kind of a message we are giving our children and ourselves. Are dollars more important than safety or more important than state mandates? Will the cannabis business hurt our outdoor and spiritual tourism? Can we as a small city and county with limited resources possibly absorb the cost of cannabis related problems on our behavioral health and human service programs? This is a Mt. Shasta issue and the citizens of our community have the opportunity to speak up for their ideas and values as these decisions will affect our children and out way of life for many years to come. I am asking our City Council to uphold the recommendations of our Planning Commission.

Jack Hoffman

Mount Shasta