The Mt. Shasta Parks & Recreation District (District) attempted twice within the past year to have a supplemental property tax approved for infrastructure improvements. Measure P, which I will call Plan A, garnered 2,451 affirmative votes. Measure V, which we will call Plan B, came up with 1,419 votes. On average 2,000 voters were willing to go along with the assessment. Neither measure gathered the two- thirds vote needed to approve a tax ballot measure. What’s next? Quit? I submit for the consideration of the people that voted in the affirmative to consider a Plan C.

Plan C is simple and in a simple world you really don’t need a tax measure to dictate how you give. The $75 you were willing to commit as a supplement to your property taxes for the next 25 years can be your annual personal donation to the District. This approach has a couple of advantages to each individual that were not available in both Measures; you decide the amount best for you and when you are financially comfortable giving.

At $75 annually simple arithmetic will tell you this equates to $150,000. Do this for three years and you have $450,000. Put this money into a managed fund specifically for the intended purpose of infrastructure improvements and you have the start of a nice nest egg for improvement projects and matching grants. Not bad for a start.

Our parks are in serious need of infrastructure improvements. By the time you read this letter my donation check, which is more than the proposed $75, will have cleared. I urge everyone to consider Plan C and give by donating to your Mt. Shasta Parks & Recreation District.

John Adamson

Mount Shasta