On 2/13/19 Crystal Geyser Water Company asked the Regional Water Quality Control Board to allow them to suspend monitoring of the water levels in their wells.

On 2/22/19 the RWQCB approved the suspension of all monitoring until “90 days before discharge into the leach field begins at the plant.” They stated that in their opinion there was sufficient monitoring of “baseline conditions” prior to plant opening and found it to be “reasonable and appropriate” at this time. On 3/5/19 the Gateway Neighborhood Association and We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review formally objected to this approval by the Board.

We stated “The permit says that monitoring is to be done quarterly, which includes testing at the three monitoring wells for groundwater monitoring in Dex6, 3A and Dex 1 and stream gauge monitoring, done weekly. This is to keep the permit active and in compliance.

The data gathered by this monitoring will help to protect the Gateway Neighborhood Association and Mt. Shasta community. For example, this is the first precipitation year where our numbers are running slightly above average. Precipitation fluctuations, either high or low, extend over years, so the data needs to cover that time range and much more. To stop monitoring now, creates a break in the data gathering that is unadvised.

We object to the RWQCB allowing the monitoring to be suspended. "It should not be stopped just because it becomes inconvenient or costs the corporation. Monitoring is mandated by the permit, is a cost of doing business, and is needed to keep the records current.”

Despite our protest, on 3/19/19 the RWQCB upheld their decision. Go to cawater.net for more information.

We will have a petition available for your signature to encourage the RWQCB to reconsider their decision. Stop by the W.A.T.E.R. booth at the Redding Watershed Festival on April 20th or at the Earth Day Celebration at Mt. Shasta City park, Sunday April 28th and help us protect our community.

Raven Stevens, GNA Community Liason and WATER Board Member

Mount Shasta