The council approved a list of projects that will benefit from gas tax funding, also known as Senate Bill 1 Funding.

Gas tax funding and an update about a possible safe, alternate trail to Mossbrae Falls were main topics of conversation at Thursday’s Dunsmuir City Council meeting.

The council approved a list of projects that will benefit from gas tax funding, also known as Senate Bill 1 Funding.

Finance Director Blake Michaelsen explained that SB1 funding is derived from the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, which was passed to acknowledge shortfalls in state funding that impact modes of transportation.

Cities must submit a proposed project list as a resolution each fiscal year prior to receive apportionments from the State Controller’s Office, Michaelsen said. The funds should be used for critical safety projects such as chip/slurry seal, sidewalk repair and replacement and bike/pedestrian safety.

Project one dealt with asphalt crack sealing on a variety of Dunsmuir streets, with $225,000 going toward maintenance costs annually.

Project two included sidewalk repairs, which in past meetings the council has referred to as a necessity. Estimated funding for this project was projected around $100,000.

The third project is to increase bike and pedestrian safety.

The council was informed that actual funds received by SB1 would likely not total more than $27,000, so they discussed whether streets or sidewalks should be a priority.

Councilmember Dave Keisler and other councilors noted that $27,000 would only make a dent in the project list.

“$27,000 is not a lot of money,” Keisler said, though Michaelsen reminded the council that it is “free money.”

Mayor Julianna Lucchesi made a motion to adopt the proposed project list, and council member Matthew Bryan seconded. The resolution unanimously passed.

Mossbrae trail

The council received a brief report about the progress of the Mossabrae trail project. They were informed that the Union Pacific Railroad has yet to approve proposed plans.

Those who are heading the project are now considering changes to Hedge Creek Falls. There is a possibility of adding more switchbacks to the trail, which would make it ADA compliant.

Currently, the trail ends at the outlook point that views the Sacramento River; however, there is a small makeshift trail to the side that runs down to the river.

Making this makeshift trail ADA compliant might also be part of the proposed additions to the Hedge Creek Trail project.

Councilmember Peter Arth noted that during his time on the city council, he was not able to get the railroad to approve the project.

It was noted that the Mossabrae Trail project would cost the railroad nothing, and it would help to protect them from accidents along the tracks.

No action was taken on the report, and the councilmembers encouraged those in charge of the project to continue forward. They also thanked them for their service and help.

Finance committee resolution

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the council discussed the finance committee resolution. This resolution outlines the purpose, framework and duties of the committee.

The agenda item also involved the city matching their revenues to capital requirements that deal with services provided to the local community.

The city’s local auditor recommended that the council create sustainable General Fund and Enterprise Fund reserves, which would be a problem solving task for the finance committee.

The council discussed some language changes to the resolution, and how the policy draft was created to “safe guard citizens’ money” and to improve the city’s financial effectiveness.

One language change involved the requirements for an individual to be on the finance committee. Whereas the original language stated that someone needed three years or more of financial or accounting experience, Arth stated that he believed these qualifications were restrictive for a town like Dunsmuir.

The council agreed that the qualifications could be adjusted, but Bryan reminded Arth that the city is indeed looking for people with professional experience in accounting in particular.

Councilors approved the consent agenda unanimously.

The Dunsmuir City Council will meet again on April 18.