This coming Saturday, April 20, is the “National Stoner Holiday” called 420.  It may seem like fun to some, but there are people who don’t use cannabis who may not make it home that day.

Those who celebrate it get as stoned as they possibly can. This is not a good day to drive for those who use the high THC manufactured in our town.  And the rest of us who plan to drive on Saturday, especially after 4:20 p.m. will have to be very cautious.

Siskiyou County Sheriff and Coroner Jon Lopey, who had to deal with many weed related accidents and fatalities during his career, said that THC was found in the systems of 30% of fatal traffic collision victims in

Siskiyou County and that Marijuana commercialization has led to more highway deaths, more

accidents, and more emergency room admissions.

While the cannabis industry calls this fake news (because it is not good for their business), the data shows that cold reality.  According to the Journal of American Medical Association

(published April 2018):  “April 20 has been deemed a counterculture celebration of marijuana, during which marijuana enthusiasts synchronize mass consumption of the drug at 4:20 p.m., but it leads to deadly traffic accidents. There have been 1.3 million drivers involved in 882,483 crashes causing 978,328 fatalities since the concept of “4/20” (whose origins are debated)… was first publicized. The risk of a fatal crash was “significantly higher” on April 20 after 4:20 pm compared to identical time periods on other days, according to the study.”  

Speaking of high THC cannabis manufactured in Mount Shasta, the City Council will have a meeting about reducing the protective buffer zones around daycare centers, schools and youth

centers to accommodate more of this type of chemical manufacturing on April 22, at 5:30 p.m. Check for specific location and several studies about cannabis related fatal car crashes.  

Please drive carefully this Saturday!  The life you save may be your own.

Brittany Silversteene

Mount Shasta