On Old Stage Road last Saturday I saw three deer trapped by the Fence To Nowhere in front of the museum. They were stymied, unsure of what to do. I stopped, put on my flashers. A car approached going the opposite direction, stopped, then cautiously and carefully continued driving north.

A car slowed behind me but the driver, impatient and with the possible I.Q. of lint, quickly passed me startling the nervous deer. One bolted and was nearly hit. In angry frustration, I waited until all three deer were safely across the road and into the trees.

There is no creature more oblivious to its natural surroundings than a human. If something unusual is happening, try to figure it out before acting. If you’re not sure, do nothing.

We don’t own this planet. We share it with our fellow travelers. It would reflect well on us if we did it with care and respect. We need the practice.

Thamar Wherrit

Mount Shasta