Hundreds came and the majority in attendance were anti-cannabis. The prevailing theme was that this was about our children. Some even said, “are you for cannabis or for the children.” Really?!

Where were all the people when we found out Crystal Geyser was coming to steal our water, pollute our environment, and propose 100 trucks a day coming through? No accidents, they promise – from a corporation whose been kicked out of small places, just like this. Cannabis may not be for everyone, but water is!

Where was the outcry when students were killed last year in Florida, gunned down. And, up here some beautiful kids organized “March for our Lives” and a couple dozen adults showed up, and fewer kids. Here’s where Lopey gave an inspiring speech and then said, “We have to talk about guns sometime too.” I’m still waiting for that forum. If 20 babies and 6 year olds being gunned down doesn’t bring us to our knees and we didn’t even change gun laws in this country, nothing will.

Where were the hundreds in our community clamoring to our elected officials to do something for our children. After community members were gunned down in New Zealand, in less than a week their leaders took steps to ban assault weapons. The people didn’t have to beg.

Yes, I love children, I have six of my own and eight grandkids. Every child is my child. I don’t want them to come to harm.

But, this is not an either/or situation. We can and must act responsibly, be informed, weigh the pros and cons and keep the dialog going – as we should be doing about everything else for our children.

Marni Wroth

Mount Shasta