Have you ever thought about if you had only one week left to live on earth, how would you spend those days? During Jesus’s last week in human form, He knew it was his last! He fulfilled prophecies, spent intimate time on prayer, lead deep discussions, performed symbolic acts, and world changing events. He knew a church isn’t a building--it’s the people that make the church. Think about yourself. How could God use your gifts and talents to bring his word to others? Jesus was a messenger to the world to save those who believed in Him to gain everlasting life from death on earth. You can go to Life Church on line to learn more or visit a church in your local area that believes you can only receive everlasting life by believing Jesus is the truth and the light.

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays of the year! It is when God shines His light for us to see clearly the truth and light to the world. It is the one holiday more people attend a church. Are you going this Sunday?

Spring has arrived reminding me of God’s amazing miracles. The tiny, deciduous leaves on trees are appearing, days are longer and warmer, and we know real spring days are here. The sunny blue skies definitely are making me happier. It is time to relax and enjoy life. Before we know it, it will be planting time, in just about three weeks It is the time to clean away our winter clutter, clean closets, and tidy up our yards. Hey, that garage that looks impossible has to be cleaned out, don’t you think? Spring has sprung, at least let’s hope so. Snow might come. But it doesn’t stay long!

I can remember going to the ranch many times to get together with the family. My brothers and sisters and their families would all come when our children were small. We would all bring great things to eat, like lemon meringue pie, homemade rolls, ham, or mashed sweet potatoes. Nobody ever went home hungry. Sometimes we would talk my sister into making popcorn balls from mom’s 1938 Household Searchlight Recipe Book. (She put claims on it when she was young, so she got it when my mom passed.) I bought one by going on Barnes and Noble Used books. It is such a wonderful cookbook. Mine even came with a few hand-written recipes. It is in excellent condition. You can buy used books from them. At the ranch we would play games, ride horses, feed the cattle and sheep, and enjoy seeing newborn lambs or newborn calves. Sometimes we branded calves. There was never a dull moment. As you know, I am from a big clan.

Mom encouraged us all to take the children to church because the community church always had a great Easter egg hunt for the children right after church. The church let the grass grow longer, so the eggs would be more hidden.

I remember one time my dad went with us to Easter Sunday Church in his older age. The boys were young and rambunctious. Dad wore his cowboy boots, (polished by my mom) with his new Levi jeans. Mom ironed his dress shirt, and he wore his cowboy hat, he took off in church.

I’ve told you before my dad was a wonderful storyteller. He loved to be around people, especially people he didn’t know well. He’d entertain the boys. I remember him looking back at the boys, as he and mom sat in the church pew in front of us. We went to lunch that Sunday in town before we left. It was a memorable day.

This Easter I’ll be thinking of all of them and missing getting together. Our lives are so short. Every day is a gift. I hope all of you were able to celebrate this wonderful holiday, remembering Jesus is the reason for this season. God Bless.

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