Measure V did not pass. My question is why don’t they listen to the people?

I said it and wrote it several times, conversations all indicated the same thing, but various officials ignored and dismissed the suggestions.

Yes, it is another tax, another bite out of limited incomes, but that was only part of the reason Measure V was rejected.

Many times, I heard and said that most of us do not want to give our money to groups that can do their own fund raising. Why should we fund pickleball, skateboard rinks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and such when a very large percent of us do not use them?

I suggest they build such specialized sport places themselves somewhere, but do not tax us so they can have fun at our expense. Like a racquetball club or gym, they can pay to play, not make us pay for their fun.

Pay your own way, sports.

I absolutely agree that Measure V should be on the ballot again, with senior discounts, but politicians and city appointees should listen.

Measure V should be only for necessary sewage lines and building repairs. No extra stuff.

We all need and use our parks, but sport groups can pay for their own special sports. I hope we made that clear in the election.

Francis Mangels

Mount Shasta