I am writing today in response to try and help quell some of the unwarranted hysteria surrounding the city’s recent changes to the current cannabis ordinance. Many people seem to choose to remain uninformed and ignorant on the subject. Many people as exemplified by the last city council meeting choose simply to not listen to what is the intended purpose of the proposed changes. I will try to shed some truth and light on the matter.

1. In my opinion, the proposed buffer zone change was enacted in order to avoid a possible lawsuit by the I AM organization. (Otherwise the buffer zones could have remained at 600 feet.)

2. The I AM organization thinks they possess eminent domain in this matter and are above all zoning requirements in our town.

3. The I AM in fact are not, as they are operating on a C.U. P. (conditional use permit.) A conditional use permit is a zoning exception which allows the property owner use of his land in a way not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district. (Emphasis on otherwise not permitted.)

4. So the blame for the buffer reduction falls squarely on their shoulders, not on our city council.

5. They have used every underhanded, deceitful and nearly illegal tactic available to sway public opinion in their favor. (untruthful mailers, newspaper ads and bogus meetings with misinformed panelists from other states funded by out of town money.) Spending tens of thousands of dollars in doing so.

6. Cannabis is not the devil weed, it was created and given to us by God to use wisely for our benefit. Like many other herbs and flowers.

7. It is never the drug that is the enemy, but rather then character of the person using it.

8. Truth.

Paul Beck

Mount Shasta