Perhaps the cannabis discussion is about more than buffer zone distances and money for city.

Following are some ideas for deep consideration. I am not asking anyone to agree with me.

I am asking each person to look deeply at our direction. This is our collective future.

1. Most towns and cities have outlying areas for industry, chemical manufacturing and distribution. We are a tiny little mountain village. Everything is within minutes of each other. And we are a International Tourist Destination. That is a fact. Not a debate. Why isn’t the city focused on who we already are? Wouldn’t these activities be better in the county somewhere? I think it would behoove the city council and city planner to notice things like this. It is so obvious.

2. The city would do better to focus on how we can be powerful and considerate hosts for our international visitors who come for the pristine environment. The purity. We are already established in that growing role. Called a Tourist Industry.

3. For years, before legalization of marijuana, the city park (at the headwaters) reeked of pot smoke constantly. Rights: Let’s look for a moment at rights. Yes, marijuana smokers have a right to smoke. (I helped legalize it with my vote.)

Yes, citizens that don’t smoke have rights also.

And many of us don’t like to be in any smoke, including the smell of marijuana. What can be done that is considerate of both parties’ rights? A rude ‘get used to it’ is not the direction to go here.

And what can be done for the rights of the citizens to continue this amazing direction of International Tourist Destination? I have witnessed this growth for the past 45 years.

Mary Saint-Marie

Mount Shasta