MSHS has four valedictorians this year: a future physical therapist, an aspiring artist, a budding software engineer and a hopeful Tesla employee.

The top five students at Mount Shasta High School will scatter across the west coast after graduation this Friday, June 7 to pursue differing career paths.

MSHS has four valedictorians this year: a future physical therapist, an aspiring artist, a budding software engineer and a hopeful Tesla employee.

Gavin Paisley, Zoe Malee, Chris Bachmann and Vitaliy Tveritin share grade point averages well over the 4.0 mark and within .05 percent of one another, said principal Sati Shah, a feat accomplished by taking Advanced Placement courses throughout high school.

Paul Hamann, who plans on law school in his future, was announced as the salutatorian.

All five students will speak at their graduation ceremony, which will be held outdoors at Joe Blevins Memorial Stadium this Friday, June 7 starting at 6 p.m.

Each of the students believe that having fun in high school is key to doing well scholastically.

Chris said this is a philosophy he picked up when he was a freshman, during an interview with then-senior Owen Stroud as part of a class project. What Stroud told him still sticks with him today.

“He said something like, ‘go to school to learn, not just to get good grades. Take advantage of your education,’” Chris said.

“Don’t live just to get into a good college, or to take AP classes,” Gavin agreed. “Live to enjoy your life.”

“Stay humble through all your successes, but never forget your end goal when times get stressful and tough,” Vitaliy added. “A lot of the journey you probably won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel; have faith and do not give up.”

Each of the students thanked the school’s staff and closeknit community for their support over the years. Although attending a small school means that there aren’t a wide variety of AP offerings, MSHS makes up for it by having small class sizes, which ensures more one-on-one instruction and closer connections with teachers.

Gavin Paisley

Gavin is the son of Mark and Patricia Paisley. He has been accepted to UCLA next year and plans to study physiological science to eventually become a physical therapist.

Gavin has two older brothers, Andrew and Colin, and has played soccer all four years of his high school career, as well as two years of basketball. He grew up playing baseball, participated in Interact and is the Associated Student Body Vice President. Born in Redwood City, Gavin has lived in Mount Shasta since he was a toddler.

Gavin thanked his parents and teachers, as well as his close group of friends who created a competitive atmosphere which drove him to succeed. He also thanked Jacques Bleisae for his support.

Gavin earned a wealth of academic honors over the course of his high school career. He received the A-G Award, which means he satisfied all the requirements to apply for UCs and CSUs, as well as the CAASPP Gold Award, meaning he scored “Standards Exceeded” on both the math and ELA California Smarter Balanced Assessments. He also earned the California Department of Education’s Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and the President’s Award (which means he earned the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and had a GPA of 3.5 or above).

For his senior project, Gavin refurbished the school’s flagpole. He said it’s a tangible project that he’ll be able to enjoy on trips to his hometown for years to come.

Zoe Malee

Zoe, who was born and raised in Mount Shasta, will attend Western Washington University next year, where she’ll study art. She’s not sure what career path she’ll take.

Zoe earned Washington State’s highly competitive Western Undergraduate Exchange program scholarship in the amount of $12,500, as well as the A-G Award, the CAASPP Silver Award, the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and the President’s Award in recognition of her academic pursuits.

Zoe is the daughter of Sean and Yvonne Malee and she has a younger sister, Logan. She has participated in the ski race team all four years of high school, as well as jazz choir. She is also the senior class vice president.

For her senior project, Zoe created a six by eight foot mural that depicts two climbers holding a string of prayer flags. The piece was inspired, she said, by the Climb Against the Odds that takes place annually on Mt. Shasta to raise funding for local women battling breast cancer.

Chris Bachmann

Chris is an only child, the son of Steve and Kate Bachmann. He participated in Interact and Key Club, played soccer for three years of his high school career and enjoys skiing and photography. He has been the ASB secretary for two years and thanked his parents and the MSHS staff for their support.

Chris will attend UC Irvine next year to major in computer science in pursuit of a career in software engineering. For his senior project, he coded a website from scratch for the school’s Interact Club.

Chris earned several honors and scholarships, including the A-G Award, the CAASPP Gold Award, the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and the President’s Award, as well as a Gubetta-Luperini Scholarship of $500; the Mt. Shasta Rotary Scholarship of $2,500; the Prudence Rose Kennedy Scholarship for $1,000; and the Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Scholarship for $500.

Vitaliy Tveritin

Vitaliy’s parents, Olga Tveritina and Vasiliy Tveritin, are Russian immigrants from the former USSR. Vitaliy was born in Los Angeles but moved to Mount Shasta when he was 4. He is the oldest of five siblings, including, in order of age oldest to youngest: Alexandra, Vladimir, Maria and Anastasia.

Vitaliy will attend College of the Siskiyous next year to fulfill 24 units before transferring to Oregon Institute of Technology. He will be dual majoring in renewable engineering and electrical engineering.

“My dream job would be to be able to apply and work for Tesla or Solar City,” Vitaliy said.

He was awarded the Mount Shasta Rotary Scholarship in the amount of $2,500; the CAASPP Silver Award; the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma; the President’s Award; and the State Seal of Bi-Literacy in Spanish.

Vitaliy was his class president for three years and is the current ASB President. He’s the president of the Interact Club and Key Club. He was a starting player on the MSHS soccer team since his freshman year and has been team captain for the past two years. He received his second degree black belt in taekwondo last year from the University of California Berkeley Martial Arts Program.

For his senior project, Vitaliy built a desktop computer and programmed a screen-responsive light strip to the monitor.

Paul Hamann

Paul, better known as Griffin to his classmates, moved to Mount Shasta from Iowa about two and a half years ago. He will attend UC Davis to earn an undergraduate degree in history, after which he plans to go to law school and eventually become a lawyer. His parents are Paul and Mindy Hamann, and he has a younger brother, Elliott.

Paul ran cross country and track during his years of high school. He earned the A-G Award, the CAASPP Gold Award, the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and the President’s Award.

His senior project was getting Mount Shasta’s Fourth of July 5-mile run permanently certified with USA Track & Field.