On May 23, my boyfriend, Hunter Patterson, hiked Mt. Shasta on the Clear Creek Trail. His hike started around 5 a.m. that morning. Hunter reached the top of Mt. Shasta at 6 p.m. On his descent, due to inclement weather, Hunter became disoriented to his surroundings and lost his way. I placed a call to the Siskiyou County Sheriff Search and Rescue at 9 p.m. that evening. Hunter was found the following afternoon on Friday, May 24 at 3 p.m.

This was the most stressful, scary experience that I ever had. I wanted to give a big special thank you to the community of Mount Shasta for being so supportive and comforting throughout this experience.

Thank you Siskiyou County Sheriff Search and Rescue for your tremendous efforts on finding Hunter. Thank you Dan Korn, owner of Inn at Mount Shasta, for your generosity and emotional support. Thank you Gavin Burns, owner of Loge Camps, for helping me get around Shasta when I remained car-less. Thank you Randy from SJ Denham for all your support and offering help to get me the services that I needed. Thank you to the Emergency Room staff at Mercy Mt. Shasta for stabilizing Hunter. Thank you to the Siskiyou County Grapevine Facebook group for all your warm thoughts and kind words during this difficult time.

Hunter and I have lived in San Francisco for the past 15 years. This was our first trip to Mount Shasta. Although we went through a difficult time, we find Mt. Shasta truly beautiful and would love to one day hike it again.

The strength of the Shasta community got me through one of the most devastating situations in my life. We are forever grateful.

Tracey Landrito

San Francisco