Impeachment is coming. Nothing can stop it now. President Trump has definitely done enough bad acts to be worthy of impeachment and removal from office, but his propaganda machine and media allies have been effective at convincing many Americans that things Trump has done are not so bad. Most dangerous is his current Attorney General who, though a lawbreaker himself (he lied to Congress), will defend the President no matter what illegal action he has done.

Some Democrats will still say “we are not there yet”. But it is obvious more wrongdoing by the President will be exposed. Though he will try to obstruct justice by defying subpoenas, more things will come out. We will eventually see whatever he is trying to hide in his tax returns. The Democrats in the House will be forced to start impeachment proceedings and undoubtedly the House will vote for impeachment.

What happens after that remains unclear. Conventional wisdom is that the Senate will not remove Trump from office with the required 2/3 majority, and impeachment proceedings will be bad for Democrats and good for Trump and the Republicans. I disagree with this assessment. As more and more people hear about or read what is really in the Mueller report, rather than just believe the President’s talking points, public opinion will continue to be swayed against our current President.

Senate Republicans will probably fail to remove Trump from office anyway. This would be the worst possible outcome for Republicans and conservatives in general. People like me, with conservative leanings but expectations for good judgment and ethical behavior in our politicians, will come out strong against anything the Republican Party represents. The result will be a crushing defeat for Republicans in 2020 and a marginalization of conservative values. Progressives will run pretty much everything for the next 6 to 8 years.

There is another possible scenario. If a large number of elected Republicans speak up against Trump and get him removed from office, then we can go back to arguing over conservative verses progressive policies rather than ethics violations. Maybe our political world can get back to something more normal.

Mark Reichert