Mount Shasta’s over saturation cannabis crisis has been a “wakeup” call for our community to pay attention to this particular city council. In 2017 and early 2018 very few residents were aware of the increasing permits to cannabis operations.

Somewhere along the way, the public school boards discovered proposals to change school buffer zones to make room for cannabis manufacturing, 10 feet from the local Women, Infants and Children’s Clinic and County Behavioral Health Center where children, teens and adults including pregnant women get treated for addictions, trauma and other issues at 1107 Ream Avenue. Children receive education, day care, clinical and treatment services in facilities in the industrial areas of town because these facilities have been there for years and even decades as in the case where schools existed near Ream Avenue for the past 32 years.

Most businesses are not targets for armed robbery as much as warehouses with expensive cannabis inventories and delivery trucks. Since the owner publicized the address, the children at the clinic next door to the proposed cannabis warehouse are more vulnerable.

The city skipped a full scale CEQA environmental study on the cannabis factory proposal. The city council ignored recommendations of the planning commission, the Shady Creek Day Care Center and resolutions from both public school boards along with public input (86% wrote to the city asking to maintain the current buffer zone at 600 feet in all parts of town).

In every other community, efforts to participate in local civic engagement are appreciated. Isn’t this country based on the concept of “we the people?” What we have learned from this recent experience is that we need to pay closer attention to this city council that seems to favor one specific business over the will of the people.

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Brittany Ann Silversteene

Mount Shasta