If you don’t want to be paying more for your water don’t ignore this message. You the citizens of Weed, CA are needed. Here is what may happen if we don’t act.

1). Let the court make the final decision on who owns the 2cfs in question the city or Roseburg. The costs are unknown as well as the outcome.

2). The lease the city council was coerced into signing by Roseburg requiring drilling 2 wells, installing pumps and pipe and 2 large water tanks will cost in the millions. The quality of the water could be well below the quality of Beaughan Springs (company springs) that we have now.

3). Negotiate purchasing the water from Roseburg which could be in the millions of dollars for something you believe you already own.

4). File eminent domain for the water which is still costly. The city will have to go to court and if they lose would have huge court costs. If they win they will still have to pay an appraised price for the water.

These options will cost the citizens of Weed increased dollars for years including Roseburg employees living in Weed. This would be the best solution

We need the whole town to come together to convince Roseburg that this is the morally and ethically right thing to do and give us our 2 cfs water from Beaughan springs. The town people need to come out in force at all the city council meetings, any protests or events that we may have, talk to your neighbors, get involved, write letters and hold protests so please help.

Look for a notice of a town hall meeting date, time and location to be announced

Michael Yates, Water for Citizens of Weed, CA