Do you have recycling woes? I know I do. Plastic pollution is an environmental problem that needs immediate attention. China used to take a lot of our trash, but no longer does. Most of us know that sea birds, whales and other marine life have eaten plastic in the ocean and have died, as a result.

Have you heard of TerraCycle? TerraCycle is a global business that has some free programs to recycle packing and products that we normally throw in the trash, and turns it into raw materials to be used in new products. Things like Gillette razors, Burt’s Bees containers, Cliff Bar wrappers, Van’s shoes, and many more recycling programs for these products are free. Visit

I love Late July chips. I signed up for TerraCycle’s free Late July chip bag program. If you want to recycle Late July chip bags, please contact me at I just printed out my first shipping label for three pounds of bags. I need more bags! I will recycle a box to ship the bags.

Maybe you would be willing to sign up for another product, and pretty soon, we can come together to recycle a large portion of our waste that can’t be taken to recycling centers locally. We can even ask other companies, whose products we use, to join a TerraCycle program. We can ask local businesses to sponsor a program for our schools or other institutions, because some programs are at cost, for things like glue sticks and bottles. Many program options offer points to donate to a charity, as well.

Let’s recycle!

Mary Thomas